Examine the World Like a Writer: Ten Days of Prompts

“You have this ability to find beauty in weird places.”
Kamila Shamsie

Sunflowers past prime are beautiful too!

As a writing teacher, I often tell my students that when we see ourselves as writers, we experience the world through a different lens. Our perspective of the world changes because we become more in tune to human nuances, landscapes, and even the way the world tastes and sounds. We become passionate about recording the world and this can have powerful potential. Writers have the capacity to become agents of change as we create content that we may share with others.

For the next ten days mine the world you inhabit and find beauty in a variety of settings. Include a photo(s) and a written narrative or poem of the following:

1. Nature

2. An animal/living creature or pet

3. Inside your living space

4. Food or beverage

5. Architecture (inside or outside a building)

6. Junk mail or product packaging

7. Something shiny (or made of glass or metal)

8. Technology

9. Passage from a book, poem, essay, or song

10. You

Roasted Butternut Squash = Perfect Poetry

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